Repair Charge Port | Cell Phone Charging Port Repair

Fix Broken Charging Port on Cell Phones

Is the charger port on your cell phone loose and requires you to hold it to a certain position to be able to charge?

Is the charger port on the phone broken and you cannot charge anymore?

Don’t you see any sign when you plug the charger to the phone although you make sure that the battery and the charger is still good?

Doesn’t your cell phone power connector work?

A damaged cell phone charger can result in serious inconvenience especially for those who often use their phones for important purposes. Your phone will be useless if it’s power is drained and you can’t charge it the way you used to easily do it before!

Don’t worry, our skillful and enthusiastic technicians are willing to help you solve every problem with the charger port. Cell Phone Repair Pros offers cell phone charging port repair services so you can power up your phone without dealing with any difficulty!

Here are some of the services we perform on phones that require charger port repair:

  • Check whether the charge port is loose or broken before performing cell phone charging port repair.
  • Help you find out why the power source of the cell phone doesn’t work although the battery is not fully charged and fix it
  • Fix cell phone charger port in case the cell phone doesn’t charge even though there’s nothing wrong with the battery and the charger.
  • Fix broken charging port due to broken pins in the USB port, which leads to the failure of the charger to respond.
  • Charger port repair if cell phone USB connector is not charging when used.
  • Fix cell phone charger port if power connector is not working.

So, whenever you discover that there’s something wrong with the cell phone’s charger port, whether the charging port is loose or broken, or if you have no idea why you can’t charge your phone all of a sudden, just bring it to us and we will fix cell phone charger port so you can use it once more!

Bright Tech Solutions has professional technicians that will identify the reason behind the problem with your charger port and perform the necessary cell phone charging port repair that will bring your phone’s functionality back to normal in no time.

Contact us now to get a charger port repair quote!

How long does it take?

Our turn around time for Repairing is QUICK !!!

We repair your phone within 5 days after it arrives to us and in many cases we will repair it the same day it arrives.